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Planned Parenthood has been caught red-handed aiding and abetting sex traffickers and child rapists, breaking the law regarding sex-selective abortions, helping minors find ways to circumvent parental consent laws, and even deliberately denying pregnant mothers crucial scientific information regarding the development of their children in-utero.
No matter what other helpful services Planned Parenthood may provide, never forget that they are a business with quotas to fill, and that their #1 best-selling product is human dismemberment. They are not there to help you make “the best choice for you,” but to convince you that the best choice is to let them kill your son or daughter.
Stand against misogynistic organizations like Planned Parenthood who manipulate and abuse women for profit. Defend life, no matter what.

What if the child is unwanted?


"One of the historic mantras of the abortion industry goes like this: "Every Child a Wanted Child.” It sounds noble enough, until you realize what their solution to unwantedness is. If a child isn’t wanted, they argue, then it shouldn’t be born. The problem, of course, is…

Abortion is wrong for many reasons

Most of them I can’t contain within one post. Not if I explained on and on for hundreds of paragraphs. I just don’t see how two human cells (a sperm and egg cell) can produce anything inhuman. Pregnancy is not a disease and abortion is not the cure. Abortion is killing a pre born human for the sake of the pregnant mother’s selfishness. If they didn’t want to be pregnant, they should have prevented pregnancy in the first place. Women are indeed allowed to get hysterectomies if they never want to have children. If you can’t afford a pregnancy, you shouldn’t risk having sex. The tenuous arguments I see against me every day only prove how selfish people can be. They are putting their own lives before the lives of others (who happen to be their children). I haven’t seen one pro-choice argument that makes abortion look ok. All I see are delusional people lying to themselves that just because it’s a fetus doesn’t mean that it’s alive. Fetuses aren’t much different developmentally (eg “tell me how you felt as a fetus) from babies, yet only babies have the right to live. Anyways, end rant. Not responding to any questions or whatsoever on this post, I have better things to do than rebuke your name calling and insulting my intellect. Good day,

More equality for unborn children posting ahead

Be warned now, if you can’t handle posts that defend the right to life for unborn children, shield your eyes. This person will not be stopped by your name-calling and arguments that distract from the real issue here: abortion. She is also a pro-life advocate outside of the Internet and continually fights for the lives of the pre born. That is all.


Is stabbing babies sometimes okay? No. So don’t support politicians who say that it’s okay to murder certain children. http://ift.tt/1maaxD2



people who rally at planned parenthood and abortion clinics are trash

they are people who belong in dumpsters

The vast majority of people who rally at Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are trying to stop mothers from treating their living sons and daughters like literal trash.

No one belongs in a dumpster.

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We will not rest until we have abolished abortion